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Old Black, Neil's distinctive Gibson Les Paul, has been his main electric guitar since he started touring with Crazy Horse. Obtained in trade from Jim Messina in 1967 or 1968 for a Gretsch 6120, Old Black is actually a 1953 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop. The guitar has undergone numerous modifications over the years. It was painted black by a previous owner. The peghead is typical of the Les Paul from 1961 to 1968, suggesting the neck was replaced at some point. Old Black's pickguard is aluminum, rather than the stock white plastic. The tailpiece is a Bigsby P7.

Old Black has always had a P90 single coil pickup in the neck position, however it has gone through several bridge position pickups. The original P90 in the bridge was replaced with a DeArmond DynaSonic more typical of a Gretsch guitar. This pickup can be seen in the earliest photos of Neil with Crazy Horse and heard extensively on the Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere album. At some point after March 1970, the DynaSonic was lost and Neil stopped using Old Black for several years. Story has it that the pickup was brought to a music shop for repair and when they returned to retrieved the pickup, the shop was gone. There are reports that the DynaSonic was first replaced with a Gretsch Filtertron. Finally, a 1972 Firebird mini-humbucker pickup was fitted into the bridge location and has been there ever since. It's unclear exactly when this pickup was added, but Neil returned to using Old Black on the 1973 Tonight's The Night tours.