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The Gretsch 6120 Chet Atkins hollow body was one of Neil's favorite guitars in the early part of his career. He has used at least four of the 6120 guitars.

1960 Gretsch 6120 #1

Neil obtained his first orange Gretsch 6120 guitar in Winnipeg in September 1963. It was most likely a 1960 model and was his main guitar with his early band, The Squires. Neil used this guitar until September of 1965 when he sold it to pursue a career as a folk artist in Toronto. The guitar featured FilterTron humbucker pickups and the Gretsch labeled V-Cut B6C Bigsby whammy bar.

1960 Gretsch 6120 #2

In late spring or early summer 1966, soon after the Buffalo Springfield were formed, Neil obtained a second orange 6120 from folk musician Steve Gillette. Neil used this guitar with Buffalo Springfield and during the first CSNY tour. In March 1970, Danny Whitten can be seen with the guitar at the Fillmore East. It was characterized by having its two upper bout toggle switches uncharacteristically close to the edge of the guitar. At some point, while with the Springfield, the pick guard was removed. Additionally, a back pad typical of a post-1962 model was added. This guitar has not been seen since 1970.

Gretsch 6120 #3

While in Buffalo Springfield, there several photos of Neil with a third orange 6120. This guitar had the two upper bout switches the normal distance from the side of the guitar. This guitar can be seen in photos from the January 1968 Whittier High School show. It is conjectured that this was the guitar that Neil traded to Jim Messina in the summer of 1968 for his signature Old Black Gibson.

Gretsch 6120 #4

In 1984 Neil began performing with a fourth Gretsch 6120. This guitar is a color Gretsch calls western orange which is slightly more yellow tinted than the Springfield era 6120s. Similar to his earlier 6120s, the pick guard has been removed. He used this guitar on both the 1984 and 1985 International Harvester tours, all three of the CSNY reunion tours in 2000, 2002 and 2006, and them again for the short run of Buffalo Springfield reunion shows in 2011.