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Neil has used at least 3 different Gretsch White Falcons over the years. While with the Buffalo Springfield, Neil was photographed with a 1958 (possibly a 1959) mono White Falcon model 6136. This guitar had two switches on the upper bout and a Bigsby B6 tailpiece.

Sometime In 1969, Neil traded his mono White Falcon to Stephen Stills for a stereo White Falcon 6137 that has been dated from 1959 to 1961. This Gretsch has become one of Neil's primary guitars. To quote Larry Cragg, "Neil's had it forever. It's kind of green-looking and really stunning". The stereo White Falcon has four switches on its upper bout and two tone controls below the bridge. Neil's version has a non-standard Bigsby B7 tailpiece and has had its pickguard removed. Sometime between 1969 and 1971, he appears to have removed the master volume knob from the lower bout.

The stereo White Falcon allows the signal from the bass strings to be sent to one channel and the signal from the treble strings to another. You can hear that effect on Words and Alabama from the Harvest album. He also used this guitar on the 1970 Ohio recording, Don't Be Denied from the 1973 Time Fades Away tour, Revolution Blues in 1974, Walk On in 1974 & 2000, and Winterlong & Bad Fog Of Loneliness from 2000 & 2007-2008. The White Falcon stereo effect can be heard on Ohio, Sign Of Love, Rumblin' & Walk With Me performances from the Twisted Road tour in 2010 and on the related performances on the Daniel Lanois produced LeNoise album.

Neil has also been seen onstage using a double cutaway stereo White Falcon with CSNY in 1974 and with Crazy Horse in 1976. There is a photo of him with what looks like the same guitar from 1970, but it still has it's orginal "G" tailpeice. I am guessing he swapped in a Bigsby sometime before 1974.