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Over the years Neil has used at least three Martin D-18 guitars. The D-18's have mahogany back and sides with dark binding between the top and sides as compared to the more expensive Martin D-28 with its darker rosewood and white binding.

Martin D-18 #1

While with the Buffalo Springfield in 1966, Neil was photographed by Nurit Wilde with what appears to be an early sixties D-18. Neil may have gotten this guitar in late 1965 in Toronto when he sold off his first Gretsch 6120 to become a folk artist. The D-18 is seen in photos at the Riverboat in 1968 and in film outtakes of Mr. Soul from Woodstock in 1969. During the spring of 1970, Nils Lofgren was given a D-18 by Neil as thanks for working on the After The Gold Rush album. Nils mentions that the guitar is the one pictured on the inside gatefold of the After The Gold Rush album (Joel Bernstein photo from Jan 28, 1970 from the Electric Factory in Philadelphia) and says the guitar was used by Young to write songs while in the Buffalo Springfield. This may be the same guitar in the Wilde photos.

Martin D-18 #2

Neil's main Martin D-18 has been a pre-1946 version. First pictured in 1974 with CSNY, Neil's vintage D-18 has distinctive scratches above the soundhole and on the lower bout in front of the pickguard. This guitar has been used onstage when playing songs using the dropped-d, double dropped-d or dropped standard tunings. You can hear this guitar during live performances of Ambulance Blues in 1974, 1999, 2007 & 2008, the debut of My My, Hey Hey at the Boarding House in 1978, and Red Sun & Great Divide from the Silver and Gold DVD from 1999 (Austin). It was also used in his 2010 Olympic closing ceremony performance of Long May You Run.

Martin D-18 #3

In the Fall 2011 issue of Fretboard magazine, Larry Cragg mentions that he loaned Neil a 1952 D-18 that was used to record most of the 1989 album Freedom. Cragg says later Neil told him, "the guitar doesn't sound like me" and he was instructed "never hand that guitar to me again".