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Neil has used several of the popular Martin D-28 dreadnought acoustic guitars through his career.

Martin D-28 #1

In photos of CSNY from 1969, Neil is pictured with a 1962 D-28 that has a non-standard vertical MARTIN headstock faceplate typical of a D-45 rather than the standard horizontal CF Martin logo. This guitar was used during the February 1971 BBC Television performance of Don't Let It Bring You Down (with its unique CGCFAC tuning). In the video you can see a large patch on the lower portion guitar. Per Larry Cragg, this renovation by a previous owner was to repair damage sustained from a gunshot. Neil later used this D-28 for My My, Hey Hey during the 1978 Rust Never Sleeps tour and has continued to use it for nearly all performances of Don't Let It Bring You Down. It has been noted that this guitar has herringbone trim not typical of the 1962 D-28. In 2014, Neil shared that the guitar had been given to him by Stephen Stills.

Martin D-28 #2 - Hank

Among Neil's most celebrated instruments is "Hank", his 1941 Martin D-28 acoustic, by most accounts previously owned by Hank Williams. This guitar was purchased from Tut Taylor, with the help of longtime friend Grant Boatwright, in Nashville in the fall of 1977. The vintage D-28, with its Brazilian rosewood sides and back, is known in guitar circles as a "pre-war" Martin D-28, famous for its distinctive herringbone trim between top and sides, forward positioned scalloped bracing under the top, and most importantly, a huge, deep, rich sound. Hank has distinctive scratches behind the soundhole and to the rear of the pickguard.

This guitar has been a workhorse amongst Neil's acoustics and has been used on many, many recordings and performances over the years. It was featured in Jonathan Demme's Heart Of Gold film from 2005 and can be seen onstage during most of the yearly Bridge Benefit performances.